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Computer Repairs

AV2PC in Somerville repair all types of computers

The expert technicians at av2pc are specialists in repairing all types of computers including Macs, PCs, laptops, all desktop computers, workstations and tablets, towers, monitors and all computer parts. Our repair services provide the best quality and affordability. Please see our computer repair costs guide below.

Computer repair costs


We repair, replace, upgrade and fix issues with screens, batteries, charging issues, keyboards, speakers, cameras, software and all other computer parts and problems.

Our prices vary depending on your computer model and repair requirements. For specific answers or to get a quote, please just give us a call or use our Contact Us page for a quick reply.

$120 Fixed Price includes
We hit your system with three anti virus packages then we run through your system directory’s and after that is complete we check all your system files this will make sure you are clean and you computer should run faster than ever.

$149 fixed price
We will reload any operating system you require (you must have a software key relating to installation software) we will also install anti virus software bring across your data and install any programs you supply to be installed.

$169 fixed price
We will clone your current HDD Data on to a brand new 1TB Hard drive and install it in to your computer and test all functions to make sure you are ready to go when you get home. This is available for failing drives and if you want a larger capacity drive. (existing drive must be readable to be able to use this service).

$99 fixed price
We will attempt to recover any data from your failing or failed hard drive or deleted data we do not guarantee this will recover any data but will give every attempt with both software and hardware within this price if not retrieved we have an outside service extra charges may apply.

$60 per hour
We will remove your side covers vacuum the inside of your case including power supply and remove the CPU and replace the heat transfer paste we will also inspect all fans to make sure they are running at optimal performance this will give better performance and reduce the risk of damage due to both dust buildup and heat transfer. (one of the largest hardware issues today is dust buildup).

Do you have any questions or problems and want some free advice? Feel free to pop in, email or call us on +61 (03) 59780007 or free call 1300729242. We love helping our customers with free advice and can provide recommendations on upgrades or new parts and equipment. We also provide free inspection on all equipment!

Screens, Batteries, Docks, Cameras, Software, Charging Ports & More


We repair Macs & PCs

Screens, Batteries, Docks, Cameras & Software


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  • Microsoft
  • Toshiba
  • Asus
  • Acer
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  • Dell and more . . .


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